About Us

At MD Recruiting  Training and Placement Service is a full-Service H2B Staffing and recruitment agency headquartered in Kingston Jamaica.

We specialize in recruiting and placement of skilled workers and qualifying unskilled workers at all levels for job placement in the US.

One of the main criteria of our programme is that all candidates have to be trained and certified by Heart Trust NTA before they are eligible for job placement in the US.

Heart trust NTA is a vocational skill training programme in Jamaica where they train and qualify individuals for the workforce locally and overseas. The areas in which Heart Trust NTA train and qualify these individuals are: 

Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Health Care, Landscaping, Construction, Welding, Cashiering, Front Desk, Housekeeping, and other related industry.

MD Recruitment training and Placement Service work together with US Employers to pick the most suitable workers to fit your business environment. We offer traditional recruitment services as well as online talent recruitment.

Our Mission

To Operate our business on honesty, integrity and good business ethics. We thrive to create a business structure designed to ensure the highest standard of Customer Service at all times.

Our Vision

To Provide an oppurtunity for local skilled workers to exploit their expertise in the overseas workforce, as well as to ease the difficulty for US employers to find seasonal workers for bsuinesses.

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