Frequently Asked Questions

After registration, your application and resume will be reviewed and if you are qualified for any potential H2B job you will be placed in our pre-screened pool of candidates. When jobs become available that matches your experience, you will be contacted.

The resume is the first thing that a hiring manager wants to see, so if you not not submit a current resume you will not be considered.

You can apply by visiting our website. Select “Register” and complete the application form. Please be sure to submit a copy of your resume.

Most businesses file their request for workers with the US Government 120 days prior to the job start date. Employers begin their recruitment  process and start looking at resumes four to five months before the season begins.

We encourage all interested applicants to register and upload their resumes in order to be pre-screened and placed in a pool of qualified candidates.

Th H2B visa is a non-immigrant program that permits us employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary non -agricultural services, or labor in positions that otherwise go unfilled.

Employers must be labor certified by their State Labor Department and the US Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services. They must demonstrate that they have either a one-time seasonal, peak-load or intermittent basis and can only hire H2B workers if qualified US workers are not available to do the job.

Workers who will be sourced from outside the US, need to visit the US Embassy in their respective country and submit the form along with documents.

The documents asked for are:-

  • DS-160  the application form for non-immigrant visa
  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Notice of approval for H2B Visa or form I-129
  • Proof that you will be leaving the US as soon as your H2B Visa expires, like an apartment lease agreement or deed to a house
  • Filing fees

H2B is a type of visa provided by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. This is intended specifically for allowing companies/agents to bring in aliens to work in the US non-agricultural sector within the US for a certain period of time. The form is filled by the US based agents or employers who wants to being in the temporary worker from outside the US. The workers are then granted H2B Visa.

This means the task to be performed has not been performed by any worker before & will not require any further work in the future.

Visas can be extended for a total period of 3 years, but no more than that.

The need should temporary not necessarily the job.

Visas holders who change jobs can apply for a change of status.

Visa are typically processed between 60 to 120 days. applications submitted on 1st January are given visas so that they can start working the us from June

American companies (usually from the resorts restaurants and landscaping sector)always have this unmet need of filing up their seasonal workforce.

The department of labor continues to recognize that obtaining a reliable workforce is crucial to meeting the temporary or seasonal labor needs of American businesses. This has led to H2B Work Programme to become increasingly significant in ensuring that american businesses have a reliable workforce for their seasonal labor needs.